Vitamin D Deficiency And Its Relationship To The Severity Of Heart Disease In Patients With Dilated Cardiomyopathy


  • Dr. Rajesh Sukumar Roy1*, Dr. Sachin Bhausaheb Zambare2, Dr. Krishna Gautam Shah3 Author


Background and Aim: Cardiomyopathy is primarily a disorder of the cardiac muscle that causes myocardial dysfunction and is not the result of disease or dysfunction of other cardiac structures, systemic arterial hypertension and valvular stenosis or regurgitation. This study aims to ascertain the role of vitamin D insufficiency in DCMP patients due to the high incidence of vitamin D deficiency and chronic heart failure caused by underlying DCMP, as well as the paucity of information on DCMP and potential prevention and treatment of these nutritional variables.

Material and Methods: The present analysis is the hospital based cross sectional analysis done in the medical college and the associated hospital. Each patient had a thorough clinical history obtained using the recall approach, together with a history of any related risk factors, in order to rule out any potential aetiologies and categories them as having idiopathic DCMP. After that, the patients had an in-depth clinical evaluation and an Echo. Total 104 subjects were included in the study. Using commercial kits and the chemiluminescence technique on the Beckman Coulter DXI analyzer, vitamin D was detected. Additionally, blood flow across each of the four valves was measured and doppler experiments were conducted. A same number of patients were included in the test group as there were 52 healthy people who served as the control group in this study.

Results: mean 25 OHD3 levels were substantially lower (15.3 ± 5.3 ng/ml vs 33 ± 15.7 ng/ml) and the levels of NT pro BNP and parathyroid hormone (94.5± 26.6 pg/ml vs 48± 17.2 pg/ml) were significantly higher in DCMP patients than in controls. While 12/52 patients in the control group had severe hypovitaminosis D, 24/52 patients in the DCMP group had a severe vitamin D insufficiency.

Conclusion: Compared to controls, patients with DCMP had decreased vitamin D levels, and there was a strong association between vitamin D insufficiency and cardiac performance.


KeyWords: Cardiomyopathy, Hypovitaminosis, Regurgitation, Vitamin D




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