• Dr. Nidaa Samir Mohammed, Ehab Firas Ahmed, Haider Mushreq Aziz, Zahraa Ahmed Moussa, Yahya Mohamed hatem, Maryam Maytham Naeem, Aqmar Abbas Abd Aladeem, Aya Adnan Dawood, Zahraa Mohammed Hamza Author


A pterygium is a growth of tissue on the rim, the clear tissue that covers the eye. It is caused by prolonged exposure to UV rays, wind, dust, or dry eye conditions. Pterygium may cause irritation, redness, and blurred vision. Treatment options include artificial tears, steroid eye drops, and surgery if the pterygium is affecting vision or causing discomfort. Mitomycin C (MMC) is used in pterygium surgery to help prevent pterygium recurrence. MMC, an antimetabolite, inhibits cell proliferation and reduces scarring by interfering with DNA synthesis. Its application during surgery reduces the likelihood of recurrence of pterygium by suppressing fibroblast activity and reducing inflammation. However, the use of MMC requires careful consideration due to potential complications such as corneal toxicity and delayed wound healing. Therefore, its application must be adapted to the individual patient's needs and carefully monitored after surgery. Mitomycin C is sometimes used in pterygium surgery to help prevent pterygium from growing again. After the pterygium is surgically removed, mitomycin C, a chemotherapy drug, is applied to the affected area to inhibit the growth of abnormal limbic tissue. Mitomycin C application helps reduce the risk of recurrence by slowing the growth of any remaining abnormal cells and preventing excessive scarring. Application of mitomycin C during pterygium surgery is usually done under the supervision of an ophthalmologist and requires careful monitoring to ensure the correct dose and duration of exposure. While mitomycin C can be effective in preventing recurrence, its use carries risks and potential side effects, such as irritation, inflammation, and corneal toxicity. Therefore, its application requires careful consideration and experience to balance the benefits and risks for each patient.




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